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Women Dreamt Horses​ by Daniel Veronese

Translated by Jean Graham Jones


Directed by Jay Scheib

Assistant Direction Rachel Rayment

Scenic Design by Peter Ksander

Lighting Design by Peter Townsend

Costume Design by Oana Botez

Dramaturgy by Peter Campbell

Produced by Shoshana Polanco


BAIT Festival, Performance Space 122

New York, NY

November, 2006

"In the noise and lucid brilliance of Jay Scheib's production and outstanding performances of the cast (particularly the three women), this weakness may be subsumed in the physicality of the 75 minute running time, and Jean Graham-Jones' translation, profoundly suited for the stage…the production itself is one of the most physically exciting of the festival so far (that alone is saying something)".

            —Superfluities, George Hunka

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