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The Flight of the Golden Falcon


Essay by Anna Correa

Translated by April Sweeney


(Re)Positioning the Latina/o Americas: Theatrical Histories and Cartographies of Power


Edited by Analola Santana & Jimmy A. Noriega 

Southern Illinois University Press, 2018, 199-207

Theatre and Cartographies of Power.jpg

Four Plays by Romina Paula

Edited by April Sweeney and Brenda Werth

with an introduction by Brenda Werth

Translated by Jean Graham Jones, April Sweeney, and Brenda Werth


In Performance Series

Seagull Press, University of Chicago

Forthcoming Fall 22

 Photo Credit:  Sebastian Arspella


Translations for the Stage

Distancia by Matías Umpierrez

Translated by April Sweeney & Patricia Masera 

Performed at 2013 FIBA, Teatro San Martín, Buenos Aires 

WITNESS (LONEtheater) by Matías Umpierrez

Translated by April Sweeney

Performed at underground zero festival, NYC, July, 2014 & Boom Arts, Portland, Oregon, May, 2017

FAR (LONEtheater) by Umpierrez

Translated Ben Mandell and April Sweeney

Performed at underground zero festival, NYC, July, 2014

1500 Meter Above Jack’s Level 

by Federico León

Translated by April Sweeney and Brenda Werth

Performed at Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, October, 2010

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