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Map of Virtue by Erin Courtney
Directed by April Sweeney
Scenic & Costume design by Anya Klepikov
Associate Costume design by Heather Stanley

Lighting design by Jason Alexander
Sound design and music by Micheal Weiss

Colgate University, Hamilton, NY
March 4-10, 2016

A Map of Virtue is a changeling: a play, a poem, a bird song, a moment of exchange, intimacy, terror, love, and longing. She asks us to see what we don’t see and not to see what we see.  Courtney questions us--begging the difference between chaos and symmetry, choice and fate, and dark and luminousness inner spaces. She asks whose story is it, anyway. The Bird Statue? Sarah and Mark? Ray and June? Seductively she asks us is there a path to follow, a belief to have, a map to make.

And we--can watch and be marked by this--this funny, strange, changeling of a thing.

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