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October 2023:  I DIGRESS, Episode 2&3 was invited to screen at 2023 Prelude Festival, New York, NY.

July 2023: Gloria, by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins and directed by A. Sweeney premiers in Freiburg, Germany produced by the ManiACTS: July 21-July 31,2023.

June 2023: I DIGRESS, Episode 2 was invited to screen at Glass Ceiling Breakers 3 Film Festival, New York.



February 2023: I DIGRESS, Episode 2 premiers at the New York City Independent Film Festival.


September 2022:

Romina Paula's FAUNA opens at TORN PAGE.


March 2022: 

TEAM I DIGRESS receives a 2022 NYC Women's Fund for Media, Music, and Theatre award by the City of New York Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment in association with the New York Foundation of the Arts.


January 2022: TEAM I DIGRESS receives a 2022 New York State Council for the Arts award.


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